Looking for real estate, with a spooky season twist? Look no further, as we’ve got the inside scoop!

While we’re sure we all can acknowledge Victoria’s spooky potential, it may come as a surprise to learn it is Canada’s most haunted city! Its haunted status may be attributed to Victoria’s 6000+ years of history, or the rumored ley lines that lie below the city streets. Either way, color us intrigued!

With dozens of haunted buildings and streets to choose from, we thought we would highlight a few of our favourites below!

1) The Empress Hotel: Gothic roof and turrets? Yeah, we are NOT surprised the famous Empress Hotel is rumoured to be haunted by several ghosts! The most famous ghost (and architect of the building), Francis Mawson Rattenbury, was murdered by his wife’s lover in 1935, and has been seen strolling the halls ever since!

2) Roger’s Chocolates: Established two years before Pemberton Holmes in 1885, the original Rogers’ Chocolates location on Government Street is also suspected to be haunted. Charles and Leah Rogers, the founders of the confection-producing company, are said to still walk the halls of its historic location, often rearranging chocolate displays!

3) Helmcken House: Built in 1852 by Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken, this family home is not only one of the most famous places said to be haunted in Victoria but can actually be toured at its current location on the grounds of the Royal BC Museum! Rumour has it that the sound of a piano playing can often be heard from the house late at night, which many suppose is Dr. Helmcken’s daughter Dolly, entertaining her family just as she did over 100 years ago!

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